Summary of Host Survey

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

Earlier this summer, we asked people who had hosted Software Carpentry bootcamps to give us some retrospective feedback. Their answers are summarized below, and we'll be adjusting our operations in response.

How much time did you put into organizing your bootcamp?
Answers were split evenly between "a day or two" and "several days".
What was the total cost?
With the exception of our Australian double-header (where travel costs were clearly an outlier), the answers were in the $700-3000 range.
Would you like to host another one?
22 said "yes", 3 said "no", and 6 can't decide yet.
How do you feel about asking bootcamps to contribute $1500 toward central overheads?
I support this approach12
I support this approach, but not at this price5
I am neutral7
I am opposed to this approach3
What level and format would you prefer?
Complete beginners / 2 days7
Complete beginners / 3 days5
Intermediates / 2 days13
Intermediates / 3 days2

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