More Detailed Feeback from Melbourne

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

The hosts of our February bootcamp at the AMOS conference in Melbourne have collected some more detailed feedback from participants. I'm pleased that two thirds thought the content was just right, and even more pleased that 83% thought version control "must be taught".

How useful did you find the online software installation instructions?

76%Very useful: I required no assistance with installing the software
24%Somewhat useful: I required minimal assistance with installing the software
0%Not very useful: I required significant assistance with installing the software I was unable to get most of the software installed

How did you feel about the schedule?

Too earlyFineToo late
9:00am start3%93%3%
4:30pm finish0%97%3%

The lunch and tea breaks were:

3%Too short
93%A good length
3%Too long

What do you think is the ideal length of time for a bootcamp?

3%1 day
33%2 days
50%3 days
13%1 week

Rate the following topics in terms of how important you think they are for a weather/climate science audience.

Must be taughtTake it or leave itTake it out
Intro to Python86%7%7%
Program design and testing97%3%0%
Version control83%14%3%
Regular expressions43%50%7%

In general, you found the content:

0%Much too hard: I was struggling to keep up!
14%Slightly too hard
66%Just right
17%Slightly too easy
3%Much too easy: I was struggling to stay awake!

"Online office hours" is a service provided by Software Carpentry where you can get online assistance over a 2 hour period once a week. Which item best describes your current engagement with that service?

0%I've attended in the past but probably won't again
7%I've attended in the past and will do so again
55%I've never attended but probably will in future
38%I've never attended and probably never will

If a bootcamp (of similar content) was held in conjunction with the AMOS conference in Hobart next February, do you think you would attend (i.e. as a refresher)?


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