Feedback from UW Room B

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Doug Latornell and Matt Davis taught in "Room B" at the recent University of Washington bootcamp. It was a great group of very enthusiastic students! Thanks also to our very capable helpers Jake Vanderplas and David Leen!

Students Room B

Here's our traditional good/bad feedback:

Good Bad
Learning about Python and NumPy, especially the practice exercises.Too much shell stuff (already shell proficient).
We talked about best practice issues in software development.Difficult to keep up with instructor when switching between screens.
Great holistic crash course on Python and git. Did well with a range of expertise the room.Too much typing while trying to listen.
Overall great intro to many great topics.Would have preferred basic Python scripting instead of NumPy intro.
The one-on-one help and the exercises.matplotlib and NumPy were a little dry.
Pace was quick, almost too fast, but not quite!The Python part was rushed and we didn't have time to see all of the code.
Intuitive approach.Command line tutorial was slow (but that was probably necessary for some).
Intro to IPython Notebook.A bit too fast in some content.
Very well structured. Good collection of topics for introduction. Staff very responsive.NumPy section could use more exercises/interaction.
Very helpful and useful.Wanted to learn about SciPy.
The existence of Software Carpentry and the integrated exercises.The software engineering felt too rushed -- if I made an error in my code I easily fell behind and was lost.
Wanted just Python.

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