A Bunch of Bootcamps

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

We've had a busy month: we've run bootcamps at the Max Planck Institute in Tübingen, the Technische Universiteit München, Mozilla's office in Toronto, McGill University, Columbia University (a double-header that's still running today), and the universities of Waterloo, Chicago, and British Columbia. We've also booked a bunch more, some of which are now open for registration:

Site Dates Registration
University of British Columbia February 4-5 Open
Macquarie University February 7-8 Full
AMOS Conference (Melbourne) February 14-15 Full
University of Washington February 25-26 Full
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory March 4-5 & 6-7 For LBL staff
University of Virginia March 7-8 Coming soon
Utah State University March 23-24 Open
University of Arizona April 4-5 Open
University of Manchester April 18-19 Open
Telecom ParisTech April 20-21 Open
Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam) May 2-3 Coming soon
GEOMAR (Kiel) May 6-7 For members of ISOS, IMAP and the SFB754
Howard Hughes Medical Institute (Virginia) May 6-7 For HHMI staff
Stanford University May 6-7 Coming soon
University of California Berkeley May 6-7 Coming soon (in R!)
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory May 9-10 For LBL staff
University of California Davis May 13-14 Coming soon
University of Oslo July 3-4 Open
University of Bath July 15-16 Coming soon

And we're hoping to finalize arrangements with the following sites real soon now:

  • Clemson University
  • Duke University
  • Indiana University
  • Lancaster University
  • Memorial University (Newfoundland)
  • Northwestern University
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • Scottish Universities Physics Alliance
  • Tufts University
  • Tulane University
  • University College London
  • University of Alberta
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Dundee
  • University of Massachusetts
  • University of North Carolina
  • University of Notre Dame
  • University of Oklahoma
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • University of Queensland
  • University of Southampton
  • University of Wisconsin - Madison

We'd love to add even more pins to our map, especially in countries we haven't visited yet. If you'd like to help make that happen, please get in touch. And many thanks once again to everyone who has hosted a bootcamp, taught one, shown up to help, or come to learn—installation headaches be damned, we're making a difference :-)

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