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This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

A couple of people have contacted us recently to ask about running Software Carpentry bootcamps for companies. Our material is all Creative Commons licensed, so anyone who wants to use it for corporate training can do so, and doesn't need our permission. What does need our permission is using our name and logo, since they're trademarked. We're happy to give that permission if we've certified the instructor [1] and have a chance to double-check the content [2]. It would be great if starving grad students could help pay their bills from this, in the way that many programmers earn part or all of their living from open source software, so if you'd like to give it a try, please get in touch.

[1] If you'd like to join our instructor's roster, please get in touch: we run an online study group to help train people, and once you've gone through that and co-taught with us a couple of times, we'd be happy to badge you.

[2] "Double-check the content" because we've already had one instance of someone calling something "Software Carpentry" when it had nothing to do with what we usually teach. We've worked hard to create material that actually helps scientists, and to build some name recognition around it, and we'd like to make sure our name continues to mean something.

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