Who Can Run a Software Carpentry Workshop?

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

A couple of people have mailed us in the past week to ask if they can use our materials and run a workshop on their own. The short answer is "yes"; the longer answer is "yes please" :-) All of our lessons are covered by the Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported licensed (often abbreviated "CC-BY"), which in brief means that you can share or remix stuff however you want, as long as you cite us as the original source (e.g., by providing a link back to this site).

There is one caveat, though. The name "Software Carpentry" and the Software Carpentry logo are both trademarked, so if you're doing something that doesn't use our material, or cover more or less the same things we do, you should call it something else, and use some other graphics. We're all in favor of teaching people iPhone game programming, multigrid methods using C++ and MPI, and scientific grant writing, but we've worked hard to establish an identity for Software Carpentry, and we'd like to protect that.

If you do decide you want to try teaching this stuff, please give us a shout: we'd be happy to help if we can, or hook you up with an instructor in your area. We're also always happy to hear from people who'd like us to come and run workshops for them to get things started: again, just give us a shout to get the ball rolling.

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