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Here's the feedback we received for our workshop in Purdue this week. We discussed the shell and Python on day 1, and then git and debugging/testing/documentation on day 2.

  • Interactivity (technology and people)
  • Day 2 topics (version control, testing and documentation)
  • Hints about what's out there
  • Overall breadth
  • Hands-on
  • VirtualBox and using a Virtual Machine
  • Topics — git and shell
  • Online materials, breadth
  • Testing
  • Python
  • Good depth, overview
  • Documenting the bootcamp online
  • Interesting content
  • Good for beginners
  • Examples on day 1 (shell, Python)
  • Organization
  • Tips about what not to do
  • Too basic for some
  • Jump up in difficulty on day 2
  • VirtualBox problems
  • Wanted Windows-specific examples
  • Wanted C++ examples
  • Wanted advantages/disadvantages of Python data structures
  • Python subtleties not covered for beginners (when to use a colon)
  • Too fast to follow sometimes (need to pause before executing commands)
  • Wanted specific skills (i.e., Python)
  • Wanted to know more about Valgrind
  • Version control (too in depth — branches)
  • git command-line was overwhelming (Github was good)
  • More exercises, homework?
  • Detailed schedule (so we can cherry-pick topics)
  • Too fast sometimes
  • Slides
  • No printed documentation for notes
  • What about SVN users?

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