Who Are You?

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

We asked participants in this year's workshops to tell us a bit about themselves. So far, 121 have done so, and their responses are summarized below.

<20 0.0%
20-25 18.3%
26-30 31.7%
31-35 25.0%
36-40 9.2%
41-45 4.2%
46-50 4.2%
>50 7.5%
Female 26.9%
Male 73.1%
Undergrad 2.6%
Grad student 55.7%
Post-doc 13.9%
Faculty 9.6%
Support 13.0%
Industry 5.2%
Preferred Platforms
Linux 54.2%
Mac OS 50.0%
Windows 35.8%

Platforms sum to more than 100% because multiple responses were allowed; I was surprised by the number of Linux responses, since we only ever had a handful of Linux laptops in the room, but looking at the responses in more detail, it appears that many of the people who use Mac laptops use Linux servers for production runs.

We had a bit more trouble classifying respondents' by discipline, but our best guess is:

11: bioinformatics
10: ecology
8: chemistry, astronomy
7: neuroscience, evolutionary biology
6: support, marine biology
5: planetary science, physics, biology
4: engineering, computer science
3: oceanography, nuclear engineering
2: programming, mathematics, geophysics, geography, genetics, electrical engineering, economics
1: veterinary medicine, social science, oncology, immunology, geology, genomics,
fisheries and wildlife, epidemiology, education, civil engineering, business, biophysics,
biomedical imaging, agriculture

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