Wrapping Up in Halifax

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

Things went pretty well here in Halifax—thanks to the local helpers, and to Justin Ely from STScI for coming up to teach. Next stop, Scarborough!

Good Bad
  • Pedagogy
  • Work more efficiently (shell)
  • Support staff
  • pair computing / working in groups on problems
  • Version Control / logging
  • Planning workflow methods
  • provenance
  • data processing
  • website
  • citations
  • passing on good habits
  • good teaching tools
  • presentation style
  • post-its
  • stories
  • scheduling
  • transfer concepts to science
  • "practical" code practices were very portable
  • too fast/too short
  • more on code organization
  • more handouts / outline
  • svn binary examples / how to create repository
  • how do i organize repository?
  • wanted more background on everything
  • testing too confusing
  • incomplete system requirements for examples
  • stories
  • greg works too fast / code disappears on run
  • how to put all together?
  • public relations/ getting the work out
  • introduce everyone and helpers
  • Some people were wait-listed and people didn't show up
  • use teaching tools more
  • contrived examples

Dialogue & Discussion

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