Wrapping Up in Boston

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

We just wrapped up a two-day workshop in Boston with learners from several universities. It seems to have gone pretty well; we look forward to coming back soon. Many thanks once again to Jessica McKellar, Geraldine van der Auwera, and Gus Muench for setting it up, and to Jessica for teaching yesterday afternoon.

Good Bad
  • learning shell
  • databases
  • running text editor from shell
  • "I feel relatively functional"
  • integrating different tools on the shell
  • learning software testing
  • unit testing
  • instructor cares about learning how we learn
  • emphasized conceptual aspects
  • shell scripting
  • having ways to learn more about each subject
  • database + integration with shell
  • Python programming
  • nice length
  • version control for the win!
  • modularization for the win!
  • Greg's anecdotes
  • liked the level of teaching
  • well integrated with web site
  • liked specific recommendations (provenance)
  • couldn't keep up
  • not enough coffee in the room
  • already familiar with some stuff
  • Greg types too fast then covers up the window
  • sometimes ducks questions
  • not having room information ahead of time
  • software installation list please
  • setup on Windows
  • afternoons too fast
  • didn't know what level to expect coming in
  • wanted more Python
  • want final products
  • how to speed up
  • 9:00 is early for MIT people
  • wanted to learn more about paths and shell stuff
  • Greg's anecdotes
  • explanation of Unix organization
  • where to find help
  • more assistants around
  • one-page primer

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