This Week's Tutorials

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

We ran five and a half online tutorials this week: one each for the workshop participants from UCL, Newcastle, UBC, and Edmonton, one for students combined from five previous workshops, and a make-up mini-tutorial for students from Plymouth who'd had A/V problems. The topics included:

  • creating simple HTML pages (both by hand and programmatically)
  • Python dictionaries (a.k.a. "hashes" or "maps" in other languages)
  • the Pandas statistical package

People who would like to review should look at the first half of the Version 3 notes on HTML (slides 1-17), the Version 4 videos on sets and dictionaries, and—well, we don't have anything on Pandas yet, but its creator has a book that you can preview.

Next week, we'll be combining the Edmonton and UBC groups into one, and trying to sort out participants' never-ending troubles with web conferencing software: Skype fell over every 7.5 minutes, Vidyo was better than BlueJeans but four groups still couldn't connect at all, and on and on it goes. (Honestly, given a choice between a flying car and a "just plain works" web conferencing system, I wouldn't have to think at all...)

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