Feedback from Michigan State

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

Our workshop at Michigan State University this week was three days long instead of two, and included two topics (Git and the IPython notebook) that we haven't tried before. Feedback was generally positive, but we've got lots to work on for next time as well.

Good Bad
  • Using history
  • Ending with general theory
  • Pen and paper database design
  • Version control was useful
  • Good practice in software
  • Concise and module programming in Python
  • Console segment
  • Smooth flow between Bash and Python
  • Challenging and flowed nicely
  • Futher reading material
  • Desktop setup
  • Instructor teaching style
  • Permission to spend less time coding
  • iPython notebook looks great
  • Paired programming model
  • Git script (tutorials used were available)
  • Legal issues (opensource)
  • Good for beginners
  • Free course (and food!)
  • Variety
  • Practical (reality-based)
  • Overview of DB options
  • Testing
  • Better ways to do things
  • Somewhat static seating created helpful partners
  • Typing speed is too fast
  • Class time chunks too long
  • Why iPython
  • Need more 'why'
  • Curriculum
  • Advanced Git bounced
  • Too much switching screens
  • Some things failed
  • Beverages included only caffeine
  • Need snacks at breaks
  • Lacked connection between course material and applicability
  • Tuesday way too long
  • Wanted a cheat sheet
  • Not enough exercises
  • How to create DB
  • Anti-Windows bigotry
  • Next day install at end of day
  • Some concepts skipped
  • Don't know where to start (registrationg etc.)
  • Inappropriate room size
  • Breadth
  • PPT for CS

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