2011 Software Carpentry Bootcamp Sold Out!

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

Software Carpentry is teaming up with The Hacker Within to offer a 2 day bootcamp for scientific programmers on November 7-8. Forty tickets and ten faculty observer slots filled up within two weeks of announcing the workshop on campus.

So what are we going to cover? From what we know, the participants are a diverse group. They include Industrial Engineers, Physicists, Psychologists, and many other departments on campus. One thing they all deal with is data, and often lots of it. Data analysts need a place to store data, so we'll introduce databases using SQLite and version control with Subversion. Data analysts also need programming tools to reformat, clean, and analyze their input. We will spend over half of the time introducing Python, and we'll also introduce the shell.

How can you help? One thing we really want to get right is a running example that we can use to motivate the topics we'll be teaching. What is a good topic that is accessible and interesting to engineers and people in the life scientists, that looks like data analysis, and that would benefit from SVN, databases, and Python?

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