Five Episodes on the Shell (and Three to Come)

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

I've just posted the slides for the first five episodes of the lecture on the Unix shell, covering:

  1. Introduction (or, why would anyone do this to themselves, really?)
  2. Files and directories
  3. Creating and deleting things
  4. Pipes and filters
  5. Permissions

Minor things I have yet to cover:

  • Drive letters on Windows, and how Cygwin hacks around them
  • The 'echo' command
  • (Briefly) Windows access control lists
  • Wildcards in filenames ('*' has been covered)

Major things (the remaining three episodes):

  • Environment variables, the export thereof, and how to configure things with '.bashrc'
  • Job control (Ctrl-Z, 'jobs', 'fg', and the 'ps' command)
  • Finding things with 'grep' and 'find'

I'll do the other three slide decks tomorrow, then record and post the screencasts on Thursday and Friday. Please let me know if I've left out something absolutely essential...

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