Another Update on What You Want

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

Responses have slowed, so here are the final scores for the topics we're including (or thinking about including) in this course. It looks like the Unix shell just might go back in...

2.51 Automating Repetitive Tasks
2.50 Reproducible Research
2.50 Data Visualization
2.47 Version Control
2.44 Performance Optimization
2.41 Data Structures
2.39 Testing and Quality Assurance
2.39 Coding Style
2.38 Basic Programming
2.35 Using the Unix Shell
2.35 Parallel Programming
2.35 Debugging with a Debugger
2.29 Computational Complexity
2.22 Object-Oriented Programming
2.20 Working in Teams/on Large Projects
2.19 Designing a Data Model
2.15 Refactoring
2.10 Matrix Algebra
2.09 Static and Dynamic Code Analysis Tools
2.07 Systems Programming
2.04 Integrating with C and Fortran
2.03 Design Patterns
2.01 Packaging Code for Release
1.95 Functional Languages
1.94 Handling Binary Data
1.82 Image Processing
1.74 Build a Desktop User Interface
1.73 XML
1.65 Create a Web Service
1.39 Geographic Information Systems

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