Job Opening: MITACS Scientific Coordinator

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

MITACS (which provided funding for this summer's offering of the course, and which funds a lot of other mathematically-oriented work in Canada) has an opening for a scientific coordinator. Details are in the job posting; specific responsibilities include:

  1. Promote MITACS programs within the scientific community and provide a point of contact for feedback and questions
  2. Ensure quality, fairness and timeliness of scientific peer-review processes
  3. Program management tasks such as:
    • Establish program strategy and action plans for new MITACS programs
    • Develop and monitor program budgets
    • Coordinate with other MITACS staff on program implementation and ongoing monitoring of program effectiveness
    • Work closely with the Communications and Government Relations Department on program promotion and feedback
    • Provide regular status updates, reports and program evaluation
  4. Other duties as assigned from time to time

If you'd like to help shape the development of mathematics and science in Canada, this might be the job for you...

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