The African Task Force

The African Task Force supports the growing Carpentries community across African countries by mentoring new Instructors and providing logistical support for workshops. Read more.

Our Goal:
To build a strong Carpentries community across Africa.

Our Approach:
We host a monthly African instructor meetup. This has been running since 2017. We discuss topics of interest to researchers and students in the African context, including previous and upcoming workshops, available resources, opportunities, and events, and more. We also mentor Instructors and Helpers before a workshop to ensure everyone knows what to expect and what is expected of them. There are many ways to get involved. Read more.

Our Structure:
The Task Force accepts new members. Meetups are scheduled, organised, and run through this etherpad.

Current Members:

Contacting the Task Force:
Email the African Task Force to get involved.

CarpentryCon2018 @ Dublin

Current members of the African Task Force and their supporters pictured at CarpentryCon 2018 in Dublin.

Back row: (L-R) Nikki Gentle, Mesfin Diro, Caroline F. Ajilogba, Anelda van der Walt, Ian van der Linde, Ivo Agbor Arrey.
Middle row: (L-R) Lactatia Motsuku, Jessica Upani, Rhoda Aremu, Motlagomang (Mamsie) Khantsi, Katrin Tirok, Kayleigh Lino.
Front row: (L-R) Juan Steyn, Martin Dreyer, Zak van Heerden.
Front: Erika Mias.

Image CC BY-SA by Bérénice Batut. Go to original image.