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We teach researchers foundational computational and data science skills through short, impactful workshops. Workshops are based on our lessons, and Instructors and learners must follow our Code of Conduct. Read more.


Get information about upcoming events from our community calendar, or from our newsletter, Carpentry Clippings. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
Our big event this year will be CarpentryCon in Dublin. See the website for details.


CarpentryCon 2018 will be our signature community event this year. Join us there. Chat with other community members on our slack channel, join an email list, serve on a taskforce or sub-committee, or become a local Community Champion.

Our Lessons

All Software Carpentry lessons are hosted on GitHub. Repositories are lesson-specific, meaning that lessons such as Unix shell and Programming with Python all have their own separate repositories. You can find our lessons through our website, and either connect to the public-facing view or the repository view of individual lessons, e.g. the public view or the repository view of Version Control with Git. In the repository view, you can raise or respond to issues, fork the lessons, or submit pull requests for changes. Lessons include our stable, regularly taught lessons, as well as some community-contributed content.

All Data Carpentry lessons are hosted on GitHub. You can find lessons such as our Genomics or Ecology materials through our website, and either connect to the public-facing view of individual lessons, or see the repository view. In repository view, you can raise or respond to issues, fork the lessons, or submit pull requests for changes.

All Software and Data Carpentry lessons are freely available under the Creative Commons - Attribution License (CC BY). You may re-use and re-mix the material in any way you wish, and without asking permission, provided you cite us as the original source (e.g., provide a link back to either the Software Carpentry or Data Carpentry websites).

Interested in contributing to our lessons? See the Software Carpentry lessons page and the Data Carpentry lessons page for how to do that.

About the Carpentries

Our Workshops

Our workshops

Find links to all the current lessons we teach at workshops, including community contributed lessons.

Information on attribution, and on how to contribute to lessons, is also held here.

Workshops are run by a team. Ideally this will consist of a host (who is the principal local contact for the workshop), certified instructors (who present the material and lead the practical exercises), a lead instructor (who ensures the teaching aspects of the workshop go smoothly), and helpers (who provide assistance during practical sessions). See our checklists.

Teaching the Carpentries

Software and Data Carpentry teach foundational computational and data science skills to researchers through short, intensive workshops. Workshop organizers must be willing to follow our Code of Conduct.


Both Software and Data Carpentry workshops are taught worldwide by certified instructors, all of whom have completed this two-day training course. All Instructors are volunteers.

Certifying as an Instructor is a useful addition to a CV. Instructors can expect to develop these skills.

We have a body of Trainers (currently about 44) who teach these workshops so that we can grow our instructor pool, and take Carpentries workshops to new countries and communities. Trainers are also volunteers, and they will generally develop these skills.

Training is generally run on behalf of member organizations who leverage their investment in the Carpentries to grow their internal training capacity. Some open trainings are offered each year.

New Instructors can gain useful teaching insights by attending Instructor discussion sessions, run by more experienced Instructors, both before and after workshops. These sessions are helpful to Instructors about to teach for the first time.

Our Funders and Supporters

We are grateful for the support of our many member organizations and funding bodies.

For the joint Carpentries, there are too many to list here, but you can see members, supporters and funders, past and present, listed at each individual Carpentry website - Software Carpentry, and Data Carpentry.

Team Carpentries

Meet Carpentries staff and affiliates

Tracy Teal

Executive Director

Erin Becker

Associate Director

Jonah Duckles

Director of Membership and Technology

Kari L. Jordan

Director of Assessment and Community Equity

Belinda Weaver

Community and Communications Lead

Fran├žois Michonneau

Curriculum Development Lead

Maneesha Sane

Program Manager

Elizabeth Williams

Business Administrator

SherAaron Hurt

Workshop Administrator

Karen Word

Deputy Director of Instructor Training (affiliate)

Check out what we do in our newsletter, Carpentry Clippings.

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